Disaster Control Room

A.      In the eventuality of a Disaster, the existing Emergency Control Room functioning from the Casualty would be energized as the Disaster Control Room. It would be manned round the clock by the Nodal Officer / Chief Medical Officer/s and designated as EMERGENCY CONTROL ROOM OFFICER (E.C.R.O.) under the overall supervision of the Medical Superintendent. The Control Room will collect, collate, coordinate and disseminate relevant information on disaster situation.

B.        For such purpose, the Disaster Control Room is equipped with communication facilities to contact the command nucleus, crisis points, hospital functionaries, police control room and the nodal ministry.

The contacts numbers of the Disaster Control Room are:

Direct Telephone  26707114, 26707260, 26194690

26179860, 26198126(FAX)

PABX No.  26165060, 26165032, 26168336

Extn. 114,260

Last Updated on : 07/05/2021