Disaster Management Plan


1.         As soon as any intimation regarding disaster is received / Disaster patients arrive, Casualty doctor on duty shall receive them and attend to them promptly, efficiently and courteously. He would record the details after taking out the disaster pack.

2.         Immediately inform the Nodal Officer who in turn will immediately inform Officer I/C casualty, CMO and Addl M.S. On call and also to the Medical Superintendent. Telephone operater will be alerted and he will call all as per list in Annexure III. Nodal Officer and CMO on duty shall immediately put in service more no. of trolleys, wheelchairs from casualty as well as Wd. A & Wd. B and in case of necessity from other wards also.

3.         Nodal Officer will immediately alert and press into service doctors from Wd. A, Wd.B.

4.         Order vacation of Wards A and B. In all, 59 beds  are available in casualty, Wd. A and Wd. B. In case more beds are needed follow Para 9.

5.         Alert ICU, EOT, O.T. 1st Floor, Blood Bank, Burns Casualty and C.T. Scan, Ultra sound and X ray rooms in casualty block.

6.         He / She will also deploy extra nursing staff, Nursing Orderlies, Stretcher-bearers, Safai Karamcharis & Security Guards with the help from ANS/DNS on duty, Sanitary Inspector on duty.

7.         He will give instructions to Security Officer on duty regulate the patients and crowd with the help of security and police personnel. .

8.         Nodal Officer will immediately alert all the staff and concerned Heads of Unit and Departments with the help of central announcing system in central enquiry and central telephone exchange.

9.         All the available ambulances shall be put in service.

10.       List of all the categories of staff with addresses, telephone numbers is available in the Control Room.

11.       Doctors working in casualty will immediately conduct a triage i.e. sorting out case of minor, moderately serious and very serious nature and take the necessary steps accordingly. Blood shall be indented immediately and patient taken to minor O.T./Major O.T. directly in Priority I cases if needed.

12.       All the MLCs will be recorded properly and in details in MLC Register.

13.       More no. of O.T. Tables shall be made available to handle increased load of surgery.

14.       A comprehensive list of all patients coming to casualty shall be prepared and prominently displayed in English & Hindi outside casualty.

15.       Two dedicated telephone lines shall be activated with the help from Central telephone exchange, for public.

16.       As far as possible all the cases shall be managed in the shortest possible time.

17.       Wherever necessary, emergency drugs, which are not available, shall be procured from the Imprest money kept in control room.

18.       If necessary extra trays shall be indented from CSSD which is working round the clock.

19.       All the dead bodies shall be properly packed, identification tags put on them and then sent to mortuary.

20.       Arrangements for tent,  water, snacks, tea, coffee shall be made for attendants as well as staffs  through kitchen, canteen.


Last Updated on : 07/05/2021