Facilities Available

Facilities available in Safdarjung Hospital
1. 24 hour’s causality and emergency services for all kind of patients coming
from all parts of India and also for foreign nationals visiting India.
2. Indoor facilities i. e admission of patients in ward’s of various discipline of
3. 24 hour’s Inquiry services for guiding people on phone and in person
regarding availability of medical facilities in the hospital.
4. 24 hours ambulance services for shifting patients to and fro from hospital.  
5. 24 hour’s clinical laboratory investigation services for patients coming to
casualty & emergency department.
6. X‐ray, ultra‐sound and CT scan facilities round the clock.  
7. Chairs in sufficient quantity for patients and their relatives.
8. Safe drinking water available for patients and their relatives.
9. Neat and clean toilets male as well as female, manned by safaikaramcharies
in all parts of hospital
Last Updated on : 13/08/2014