Mission Statement

The undergraduate student passing out of Vardhman Mahavir Medical College should:

1.   Understand critically the role of health as well as his/her own role as health care provider in developing a community, a nation and the mankind.

2.   Learn all aspects of National Health Policies and devote himself/herself to its practical implementations.

3.   Diagnose and manage common as well as emerging health problems of the individual     and the community, appropriate to his/her position as a member of any health care delivery team.

4.   Determine socio-economic, psychosocial, cultural and environmental factors influencing health and disease.

5.   Best use the available resources and knowledge to combat the unmet need of health care at various levels.

6.   Apply appropriate technology for diagnosis and develop habits of Rational Use of Drugs.

7.   Should practice medicine keeping in view the religious faith and socio-cultural milieu of the individual or the community.

8.   Be competent to practice holistic medicine encompassing preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative aspects of common and emerging diseases.                                                                                                           

9.   Realize his/her limitations and refer patients to the next level of care as and when appropriate and to the advantage of the patient’s health.

10. Develop ability for continued self-learning and carry out research in all traditional and emerging forms to explore the depth and boundaries of life and its processes to enrich health and alleviate human sufferings.

11. Treat patients with respect and dignity maintaining highest standards of ethical practice of medicine. 

12. Develop an attitude for standardization of methods, development of protocols, quality in health care delivery and medical management.

13. Demonstrate an open attitude towards alternative systems of medicine to make health care delivery scientific and sustainable in all spheres of society.

14. Learn all aspects of emergency medicine and disaster management and beprepared all the time to face any such incidences or calamities.

15. Be proficient in Medico-legal aspect and hospital waste management.

16. Use appropriate technology to store, protect, use and disseminate data, information and knowledge effectively and efficiently.

17. Acquire basic management skills in the area of health care delivery.

18. Develop skills for providing information, education and communication to individual on one hand and with peers, members of the health team and the community on the other.

19. Have personal characteristics and attitudes required for professional life such as personal integrity, responsibility, dependability and empathy. 

Last Updated on : 01/07/2022