This Department often called "the face of the hospital" is one of the busiest departments of the hospital and caters to about 800 patients per day.  It receives patients from various parts of Delhi either directly or referred from different hospitals.  Patient from neighbouring states and from other states as far as from Assam, Bihar & Jharkhand attend the casualty to get further care in various speciality departments.  

      The Police jurisidiction of Safdarjung Hospital is SOUTH WEST DISTRICT.

     Safdarjung Casualty was earlier housed in the Old Cardiology barracks, near gate no.2 of the hospital.  It is now located in the NEW EMERGENCY BLOCK(NEB) near GATE No. 5 on Ring Road.

Administrative Staff:

Dr. Krishan Kumar, I/c-NEB  

Dr. Surinder Kumar, Nodal Officer-NEB

About New Emergency Block (NEB) here

Last Updated on : 03/12/2021