Responsibilities of the users - Citizens Charter

Other available facilities include:

  • The success of this charter depends on the support we receive from our users.
  • Please try to appreciate the various constraints under which the hospital is functioning.
  • On an average more than 18 lakhs patients attend the OPD annually and more than 2.5 lakhs patients are attended annually in casualty and emergency wards.
  • Please do not cause inconvenience to other patients.
  • Please help us in keeping the hospital and its surroundings neat and clean.
  • Please use the facilities of this hospital with care.
  • Beware of touts.
  • The hospital is a “No Smoking Zone” and smoking here is a punishable offence.
  • Please refrain from demanding undue favors from the staff and officials as it encourages corruption.
  • Please provide useful feedback and constructive suggestions.  These may be addressed to the Medical Superintendent of the hospital.
Last Updated on : 03/02/2014