Hospital Services - ( Burns and Plastic )

Hospital services  The department has total strength of 108 beds

ICU- 12 Beds

Disaster- 3 beds

Ward 22- 17 beds

Ward 22-A – 32 beds

Ward 23-A- 22 beds

Ward 23- B- 22 beds

There is a dedicated casualty for burns in the department which runs 24 hours day and 365 days a year where burns patients are received directly and patients with maxillofacial trauma or limb trauma, requiring reconstruction referred from other casualties are also received. They are attended to by junior residents and senior resident doctor and nursing staff who are all posted in shifts. The departments thus provides round the clock back up for acute as well as chronic cases trauma and mass casualties. The dept provides surgical care for all cases related to burns, sequel burn as well as patients requiring reconstructive, plastic, anesthetic, maxillofacial and micro vascular surgery.

INTENSIVE CARE UNIT- Consist of 12 beds for  resuscitation of burns  injuries. It is centrally air conditioned, all separate cubicles with each cubicles having gadgets  to record Sp02, HR and ECG tracing with  NIBP with vacuum/ oxygen centrally supplied separately to  each cubical. Each cubicle has independent operating light for minor/ bed side surgical procedure. Arterial blood gas analyzer in the ICU for ABG, two ventilators  are available round the clock for any patients requiring artificial ventilation. ICU is manned 24 resident manning the critical care units are trained in all intervention procedures.

Emergency   Services: The department has its own causality for burns 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and looks after the acute burns trauma, soft tissue injuries of face and hand and other avulsion injuries.

Out patients dressing: The departments has three separate dressing  rooms for male , female and children. The dressing are done with all aseptic precaution by para medical personnel and dresser who wear gloves, masks and aprons.

Ward 22: 17 bedded, separate cubical with oxygen / vacuum independently to each cubical. This ward is centrally air conditioned.

Ward 22-A: 32 bedded centrally air conditioned for stable burns patients.

Ward 23-A/B: plastic surgery ward 23-A & B has capacity of 22 beds for male and female patients respectively. Is Centrally air conditioned. Patients requiring any plastic surgery reconstructive/ cosmetic / micro vascular intervention are  admitted and operated.

Operation Theater: Separate operation theaters for plastic surgery.and burn surgery , 3 Major operations and two for minor surgery.

Burns Theater:  one on ground floor with 2 suites – one for burns surgery and emergency surgeries.

Physiotherapy section: manned by two qualified physiotherapist. The department looks after the bed- ridden patients both burns and plastic surgery cases who are referred to this section for physiotherapy.  Attendance is about 40-45 patients.

Last Updated on : 16/09/2014