Job Responsibilities-SISTER TUTOR

The Sister Tutor is responsible to the Principal, College of Nursing/School of Nursing for organizing and conduct of the teaching programme in the School/College of Nursing.   The following responsibilities and duties pertain to the Sister Tutor.


  • Planning of the teaching programme including  an orientation programme in consultation with the Principal/Vice Principal
  • Planning for students’ practical experience, ward assignments and vacations in consultation with the Principal/Vice Principal.
  • Planning of ward teaching programme with the cooperation and collaboration of Principal/Vice Principal
  • Preparation for classes and demonstrations, displays of educational material on notice board.
  • Teaching of all nursing subjects with assistance from other members of the staff.
  • Guidance to students in methods of study and use of reference books and library, Individual attention to students when necessary, including individual assignments.
  • Conduct of periodical and terminal tests.
  • Organization of seminars, panel discussion, debates etc.
  • Ensuring that students who go in for exanimation fulfil all requirements.
  • Regular visits to the hospital wards and departments and other practice fields.
Records of students

The following records are maintained:

  1. Register of attendance at classes, demonstrations, visits, etc.
  2. Record of practical experience.
  3. Marks of terminal tests and examinations.
  4. Leave account of students.
  5. Records of classes given by nursing, medical and other teacher.
  6. Health Records.
  7. Permanent/cumulative record of students.
Categories of Documents under the control of College
  1. Recognition certificate issued by Indian Nursing Council
  2. Recognition certificate issued by Delhi Nursing Council
  3. Affiliation certificate with GGSIPU.
  4. Admission criteria approved by GGSIPU
  5. Organizational chart of College
  6. Seat Matrix of students as per Central Govt. Norms.
Students Health
  • Arrangement for initial and periodical health examinations and maintenance of health records.
  • Periodical visits to students rooms to make sure that they practice personal hygiene.
  • Organizing recreational and social programmes.
  • Participating in the selection of students.
  • Supplying time tables of classes to Ward Sister.
  • Maintenance of library, requisition of new books and journals.
  • Inventory of class room supplies
  • Inventory of class room equipment.
  • Arrangements of functions for prize distribution lamp- lighting ceremony.
  • Any other duty that may be assigned to her from time to time relating to nursing education.
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