Retention Schedule in respect of records pertaining to Safdarjang Hospital

1.      The retention period specified in column 3, in the case of a file, is to be reckoned from the year in which the file is closed (i.e. action thereon has been completed) and not necessarily from the year in which it is recorded.

2.      In the case of records other than files, for example, registers, the prescribed retention period will be counted from the date on which it has ceased to be current.

3.      If a record relates to two or more subjects for which different retention periods have been prescribed, it will be retained for the highest of such periods.

4.      In exceptional cases, i.e. if the record has certain special features or such a course is warranted by the peculiar needs of the department, the record may be retained for a longer than that specified in the schedule, in no case, however, will a record be retained for a period shorter than that prescribed in the schedule.

5.      If a record is required in connection with the disposal of another record, the former will not be weeded out until after all the issues raised on the latter have been finally decided, even though the retention period marked on the former may have expired in the meantime. In fact, the retention period initially marked on such records should be consciously reviewed and, where necessary, revised suitably.


Records related to:



Records other than Files

Last Updated on : 23/04/2014