Diagnostic facilities - ( Resp Med )

The department offers state of art diagnostic facilities to aid in the diagnosis and management of inpatients and out patients.  They include:-

Pulmonary function laboratory: The department has machines for spirometry, complete pulmonary function test machines including diffusion capacity.   

  The department has procured two new pulmonary function machines for measurement of lung volumes, thoracic gas volumes, diffusion factor, body plethysmography for measurement of airway resistance, compliance and thoracic gas volumes. . 

Pulmonary function tests are done on appointment between 9.00 am to 4.00 pm in room no. 403.                     

Bronchoscopy Unit:  The department has a bronchoscopy unit with adult and paediatric fibrebronchoscopes.  All bronchoscopic diagnostic procedures are performed routinely, viz – bronchial washing for cytology & microbiology, brushing for cytology, bronchoscopic/ transbronchial lung biopsy & trans bronchial needle aspiration. 

The department has procured a semi rigid medical thoracoscopy system for medical thoracoscopies.  The department has also procured a Endobronchial Ultra Sound facility for evaluation of Mediastinal Limphadenopathy along with a Radial probe for Ultra sound guided evaluation of peripheral lung masses & central trachial abnormalities under videoscopic guidance.

  Bronchoscopies for removal of foreign bodies are also done.  The department has acquired a rigid bronchoscope which is expected to aid significantly in the diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopic facilities. 

   Several new therapeutic bronchoscopic maneuverse like Ballon dialitation of bronchial strictures, electro cauterization of bronchial tumours, placement of bronchial stents and pleurodesis under vision is being undertaken.

Bronchoscopies are performed on appointment between 9.00 am to 1.00 pm. This is a paid facility.  Bronchoscopes are done in room No. 411.

ABG Laboratory: The department runs the central arterial blood gas test laboratory. The laboratory caters to the ABG requirements of the whole hospital and the services are available 24x7 round the clock. Approximately, 125 to 150 ABG’s are done daily.  

Sleep Laboratory:  Safdarjang Hospital and the department of pulmonary medicine are credited with setting up the first sleep laboratory in India.   The sleep laboratory has two beds.  Here patients undergo overnight polysomnography for the diagnosis and possible therapeutic options for treatment of sleep disorders.  This path breaking step has practically opened up a new and dynamic sub specialty in sleep medicine. 


 Sleep studies are done in room No. 405, Ward 32.


Besides the above, diagnostic procedures like pleural fluid aspiration, pleural biopsies, fine needle aspiration cytology – routine or ultrasound/CT guided are done routinely on an OPD basis.


Last Updated on : 03/02/2014