Public Grievance Redressal Cell

     The Public Grievance Redressed Cell was established in Safdarjang Hospital in the year 1997 to redress specific grievances related to the Services provided by the hospital. PGRC operates under the chairmanship of Additional Medical Superintendent and consists of a Member Secretary and Four Members, the names, addresses and telephone numbers of whom are displayed in the hospital premises at prominent location as follows:

  1. In Front of lift  No. 36 (5th floor)
  2. Near Room No. 242(2nd Floor)
  3. Emergency Control Room
  4. OPD-Ground Floor
  5. Burns & Plastic Deptt
  6. MRD
  7. H-Block near X-Ray Deptt.
  8. GRR-Waiting Hall
  9. Old CTVS Building
  10. Opposite Surgery Block
  11. Old Accounts Deptt
  12. Ortho OPD

Ten Complaint / Suggestion boxes have been installed at the following locations in the hospital:

  1. New OPD Complex
  2. Emergency Control Room
  3. Enquiry/Admission Centre
  4. GRR
  5. Blood Bank
  6. In front of Oncology Deptt.
  7. Orthopedic Deptt.
  8. Medical Record Deptt.
  9. H-Block (near Hematology Deptt.)
  10. Dental  OPD
  11. Obst. & Gynae.

The complaint boxes are opened once a week in the presence of the Public Relation Officer (PRO).

The Public Grievance Redressal Mechanism of Safdarjang Hospital is as follows:

  1. Receipt of complaints  from

     *Complaint /Suggestion Box.

     *Hard copy from Medical Superintendent Office &                       Diary and Dispatch Section.

     *Soft copy received online through Public Grievance Portal

  1. (a) Letters are sent to concerned department for comments within 7 days of receipt (Reminders sent after 7 days).

(b) Where necessary, letter sent to complainant for relevant      documents related to the complaint.

  1. Letters sent to complainant and concerned staff to appear before PGRC.  (2(b) and 3 also help to verify the authenticity of the complaint).
  2. Meeting is held under the chairmanship of Addl. M.S. wherein the matter is discussed in detail and the grievance is redressed.

Follow up actions are decided upon. 

  1. Where relevant, follow up is done by PGRC for implementation.
  2. (a) Action Taken Report is sent to the complainant and matter disposed of.

(b)Action Taken Report is uploaded on Public Grievance Portal (when received online) and matter disposed of.

On an average 30-35 complaints / suggestions are received every month by PGR Cell. The entire process of redressal takes less than three months. 

Instant Redressal:

     There is also a system of instant grievance redressal where, if the patient approaches the PGR Cell, necessary assistance is given to take instant remedial measures. Approximately 40-45 such grievances are redressed on an instant basis every month.

Name with Telephone Nos. of Officers are as follows:

          Dr. R.K. Anand                                                       26707564   

     Chairman (PGRC) Addl. M.S.                                                                                                                                                                            

          Dr. Neeta Hazara              Member Secretary           26707150

          C.M.O. (SAG)

          Dr. N. Sitalakshmi                Member                      26707150

          CMO ( SAG) (Anesthesia)

         Dr.Harsha S. Gaikwad,         Member                     26707150

          Professor (Obst & Gynae)        

          Dr. Narendra Tekchandani,    Member                    26707150

          SMO (Pediatric-Surgery)

          Dr. Shamsuddin Hasan           Member                              26707150

          Medical Officer (Paediatics)

Last Updated on : 20/06/2022